The Red Hill Agricultural & Horticultural Society is pleased to announce that the 2019 Red Hill Cider Show will take place on Wednesday 26th February followed by an Awards’ Presentation, Cider Making Workshop and Public Tasting at the Red Hill Show on Saturday 7th March, 2020.

All cider makers are invited to enter and benchmark their products against that of their peers. Classes will reflect both New World and Traditional styles of cider and perry.
Cider blends are also welcome.

Thanks to our 2020 Judges will be announced soon

The culmination of the Cider Show will be a public event as part of the Red Hill Show on March 7th where Award winning cider makers will be invited to present a Public Tasting.
* Cider making and displays will be shown
* Trophies will be awarded to overall best Cider and best Perry, with certificates and ribbons in all classes. All entries will receive judging comments.
* Commercial sites are available for the sale of ciders
* Entries open on November 18, 2020
* Cost is $10 per entry – non-commercial (enthusiasts) and $30 per entry for commercial.


10.00am               Cider Making Display

12 noon               Awards’ Presentation

1.00pm                 Master Class      

1.30pm                 Public Tasting

2.30pm                 Introduction to Cider Vinegar